Seminar Books

The Harmonie Group is pleased to provide access to in-depth articles, publications, and other writings from its member firms. Beyond news, these writings provide background, issue analysis, and legal summaries not found in newsletters. Non-lawyers should consult their own attorneys for advice rather than relying on anything contained herein.

2014 London Seminar Book (November 2014)

2013 Summer Seminar Book - Transportation & Construction Product Liability   

Transportation Seminar Book (NW Arkansas - Summer 2012)

Transportation Seminar Book (Chicago - Summer 2012) 

Construction Seminar Book (Chicago - Summer 2012)  

Transportation Seminar Book  (Summer 2011)

Construction Seminar Book  (Summer 2011)

Product Liability Seminar Book  (Summer 2011)

London Insurance Industry Seminar Book (October 2010)

Transportation Seminar Book (Atlanta, GA - July 2010)

Construction Seminar Book (Atlanta, GA - July 2010)

Professional Liability Issues Conference Book (New York, NY - May 2010)

London Insurance Industry Seminar Book (October 2009)

Employment Issues Conference Book (New Orleans, LA - April 2009)


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