2017 Seminar Book (Transportation)

2016 Seminar Book (Transportation)

2015 Seminar Book

2014 Summer Seminar Book

2013 Summer Seminar Book
(Transportation Seminar & Construction Product Liability Mock Trial/Seminar)

Auto Law Compendium (Auto laws by state-2013)

2013 Seminar Book (Transportation)

2012 Seminar Book  (Transportation)

24 Hour Emergency Hotline:

Transportation Accident Investigation Checklist

2016 Seminar Book (Construction) 

2015 Seminar Book (Construction) 

2014 Summer Seminar Book (Construction)

2013 Summer Seminar Book   (Construction Product Liability Mock Trial/Seminar & Transportation Seminar)

Construction Toolbox - Laws, Cases, Notes & Alerts     
Vol. I No. 1    Vol. II No. 1     Vol.III No. 1  Vol. IV No. 1
Vol. I No. 2    Vol. II No. 2     Vol.III No. 2   Vol. IV No. 2
Vol. I No. 3    Vol. II No. 3     Vol.III No. 3   Vol. IV No. 3

Vol V. No. 1   Vol. VI No. 1
Vol. V No. 2   
Vol. V No. 3

2012 Construction Seminar Book  (Chicago)

Contract Clause Digest

Construction Accident Investigation Checklist

Compendium - Construction laws by state


Fracking State Compendium

Fracking and the Environment (from Harmonie Texas Firm Hermes Sargent Bates, LLP

of State Civil Court Systems

Update on Vermont Captive Insurance Law

Jurisdictional Map - Jury tendencies by county

Mobile Website Directory
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Harmonie In Demand - Attorneys available to speak on various topics and practice areas

Collateral Source Rule: 50 State Overview   

Cyber Risk Issues - September 2014

Venue Map Analysis Paper     

Legal Practice Tips Compendium  

Case Evaluation Practice Outlines   

Social Media Guidelines (from Harmonie's Tech Committee)

2014 Summer Seminar Book (Litigation Management)

Client Services Best Practices Guidelines   

Key Steps to Preserving ESI    
Cyber Risk Issues (US, Canada, Europe)

Fraud Summary - Claims Handling by State

Litigation Practices Industry Council:
    Pro-Forma Management Reporting
    and Budgeting Forms:
120 Day Budget  - SAMPLE
    120 Day Report - SAMPLE
    Attorney Pre Trial Report - SAMPLE

Update on E-Discovery Case Law - An Update
onE-Discovery Case Law Regarding ESI
Preservation and
"Litigation Hold" Guidelines
from Zubulake, Pension Committee and Rimkus

Employment Law Changes - 2016

Employment Law Changes - 2015

Employment Law Changes - 2014
United States

Employment Law Changes
- 2013

Employment Law Changes
- 2012

Employment Law Changes for the US,
Canada, and Europe (2011)

NEW!   HIPAA Omnibus Rule Information for:
           Law Firms as Business Associates
          - Covered Entities

State Medical Malpractice Survey

Healthcare Compendium (May 2011)

CMS Alert and Explanation of Revised
Timeline for Reporting (November 2010)

Medicare - Medicare Secondary Payer
Statute and surrounding issues

2014 Seminar Book

Retail and Hospitality Topics

RETAIL: Franchisor Liability Issues 

Property Issues Compendium by State
     Economic Loss Doctrine    
     Waivers of Subrogation on Condominium Contracts 

Catastrophic Loss information



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